Defense IT

Lockheed Martin begins layoffs at NORAD

Pink slips come in advance of GAO ruling on contract protest.

Warfare 2050: robots, augmented humans and force fields

An Army-sponsored workshop examined what the battlefield of future decades could look like based on current trends, technologies and trajectories.

Hackathon helps improve DARPA’s Plan X

The program looks to make it easier to visualize a network and recognize malicious activity.

Survey: Shadow IT haunts DOD networks

Sixty-three percent of IT pros in the department said unauthorized apps and services are used, and 70 percent expect the practice to grow, a Solar Winds survey found.

Dell releases family of secure, fast wireless firewalls

The SonicWALL TZ series taps the speed of 802.11ac wireless to add deep packet inspection at line speed.

Satellite-launching drone program enters next phase

DARPA awards Boeing $6.6 million to continue developing the reusable, hypersonic Experimental Spaceplane.

Navy, Marines order up more Blackjack UAS

A $78 million contract modification calls for six more of the drones used for ISR and target acquisition on land and at sea.

Air Force wants common tools for pay-as-you-go cloud

The service wants to establish standard processes that could work for all the military services in support of the JIE.