Defense IT

Navy awards $479M deal for joint tactical radios

The MIDS JTRS terminals allow high-speed, jam-resistant sharing of voice, data and imagery among U.S. and coalition forces.

Army researchers use simulations to make better bullets

ARDEC and the Army Research Lab use modeling to cut the time and expense of improving ballistics.

Lockheed wins C4ISR security contract for Coast Guard cutter

The company was recently awarded a $72 million contract to provide a C4ISR system for the Coast Guard’s eighth National Security Cutter.

Verigames lets gamers carry some of the load of software security

DARPA launches a new round on online games after the first set proved helpful in spotting software flaws.

Airman's 'Frankenphone' connects ground forces, drone pilots

An Air Force sensor operator uses scrap parts to develop a low-budget solution to streamline communication between drone pilots and forward operators calling in air strikes.

Air Force certifies SpaceX for satellite launches

Upstart will compete with incumbent United Launch Alliance on GPS III launches.

Future of unmanned capabilities: MALE vs HALE

While the U.S. has had a lot of success with medium-altitude unmanned aircraft against non-state actors, more technologically formidable militaries such as China's could be a problem.

Special Forces: Why use a Cadillac when a Ford will do?

Budgetary pressures and the wide variety of threats prompt SOCOM to prioritize its ISR resources to reflect each threat.