Defense IT

DOD to show off latest tech at Lab Day

Next week the Pentagon will host a display of more than 100 research projects and tech-centric success stories.

Navy sets course on new cyber strategy

The five-year plan maps out a vision for protecting fleet networks from internal and external threats.

Problems ahead for Navy's carrier-based drone program

Disagreement over whether UCLASS's primary role should be surveillance or strike has caused significant delays in the program, according to a GAO report.

Army opens its training network to non-CAC access

Soldiers can now log in with only a username and password, which opens up access to smartphones and tablets.

Carter details DOD's innovation plans

The Defense secretary tells lawmakers how the department will tap Silicon Valley, the National Guard and Reserve Components to maintain technological superiority.

DISA approves 23 cloud providers for unclassified data

The provisional authorizations open up commercial services for data at Impact Level 2.

Army avatars have the human touch

An ARL-sponsored program is using natural language processing to create virtual humans who can interact with and even counsel soldiers.

Future soldiers could be part of the Internet of Things

The recent Mad Scientist Conference addressed the idea of embedding sensors into humans to help produce "sentient" data.