Defense IT

Air Force launches first GPS satellite of the year

GPS Block IIF satellites continue to replace aging satellites, while the Air Force prepares for the next-generation GPS III.

Navy names Cyberspace/IT Person of the Year

Randall Cieslak, CIO of the U.S. Pacific Command, is honored as the DON CIO’s office hands out its annual awards.

iOS iPad iPhone

Air Force to swap 5,000 BlackBerrys for iOS devices

The move is an initial step in modernizing the service’s use of commercial mobile technologies.

Academy teams do battle in cyber exercise

The Service Academy Cyber Stakes, hosted by DARPA, raises the skills of cadets and midshipmen.

DARPA looks to upgrade space junk monitoring

Agency will spend up to $1.4 million to improve OrbitOutlook program, which monitors objects in low-Earth orbit.

DOD reaches $40.5M enterprise deal for Adobe products

The three-year agreement allows Army, Air Force and DISA to standardize tools.

Rick Lober Harris

Why DOD needs to consider commercial SATCOM

Budget pressures, bandwidth demand and technical innovations in the private sector should lead the military to commercial options.

When GPS falters, where will the military turn?

The potential for spoofing and jamming is prompting a look at old and new technologies.