Military Cloud

Exactly what military data should reside in the cloud?

For the military, building a cloud infrastructure may prove to be easier than figuring out what to put into it.

New details emerge on Army cloud initiative

The scope of work that nine companies will provide under the Army's Area Processing Centers Army Private Cloud program include furnishing the Army with "mobile data center" services and even cybersecurity assistance as part of a grand strategy to help the military service scale back its data-center footprint.

Cloud migration requires well-mapped acquisition strategy, panel says

A successful cloud migration requires careful planning and risk assessment to succeed, according to a FOSE panel.

Intel community cloud faces bigger problems than security

Surprisingly, there are other more pressing concerns and barriers for intelligence agencies moving to the cloud.

Army private cloud to attack IT sprawl and save millions

Industry experts estimate the Army should save millions in IT costs after its recently awarded Army Private Cloud contract is fully implemented.

Doug Wiltsie

Army PEO EIS leads data-center drive to common operating environment

Doug Wiltsie discusses closer cooperation with the private sector on procurement, cloud computing and biometrics.

It's not all rainbows and pots of gold in intel's move to cloud

The U.S. intelligence community knows one thing: It is moving to the cloud. But it could be a tough road ahead getting there.

Grant Schneider, deputy director of information management and CIO at the Defense Intelligence Agency

DIA takes the lead on developing a common desktop environment

Grant Schneider, DIA's deputy director for information management and CIO, discusses the path toward common links between the intelligence agencies.

10 years in the making: Coast Guard refines IT plan

The service is in the process of completing sensor capabilities for ships and aircraft that have been under development for the past decade, and is even considering a private cloud hosting system, among other IT upgrades.

Future DOD cloud would repair itself after cyberattack

The Defense Department's research arm is funding an effort to develop a cloud computing environment that can repair itself after a cyberattack.