Military Cloud

DISA plan outlines a mobile, cloud-based military

The agency’s Strategic Plan for 2014-2019 says mobility is the "primary benefit" of the Joint Information Environment.

Navy committed, but cautious, on Joint Information Environment

IT leaders are on board with the concept, but want to be sure about security, cost and standards.

Amazon cloud gets DOD authorization

AWS is approved for low-risk level use by all defense components.

Security is on the menu for Joint Information Environment

Army Lt. Gen. Mark Bowman says users of JIE are seeing benefits.

DOD expanding use of commercial cloud

Nine more providers are lined up to deliver services, CIO Teri Takai tells a House subcommittee.

DISA delivers new version of Enterprise Portal Service to SIPRNet

DEPS 2.0 gives users customizable choice for collaboration, and plenty of storage.

Army units give thumbs-down to battlefield intelligence system

The Distributed Common Ground System-Army is complex and unstable, and soldiers receive scant training on the system, according to units quoted a memo.

Air Force HQ completes move to DOD Enterprise Email

The service begins its migration with 7,800 unclassified accounts and 1,300 mobile devices.

3D printer Army

3 IT keys to the future for Navy, military

Navy CIO Terry Halvorsen cites three technology areas that can help the military save money while achieving its goals.

Chris LaPoint

Opportunity in chaos: fighting the war on network complexity

The mushrooming use of private clouds, big data and tools such as software defined networking makes effective network management more important than ever.