Military Cloud

5 cyber threats to watch out for this year

Security pros see danger for 2011 in the proliferation of mobile consumer devices, sophisticated malware and the expansion of political conflict into cyberspace. On the brighter side, better law enforcement and the cloud might help make things better.

Army sees future of intelligence in the cloud

The Army intends to push vast amounts of the intelligence data it collects to a cloud environment.

Cloud platform boosts collaboration at DOD

Rob Vietmeyer, director of the Defense Information Systems Agency's, says open development has produced big benefits in collaboration and enterprise visibility, in addition to lower costs and streamlined operations.

Readers scorn Army's planned e-mail move

Defense System readers with first-hand experience using the Army’s existing e-mail services weigh in on the Army’s plan to move its enterprise e-mail to the Defense Information Systems Agency’s cloud computing environment.

Garing changed the game at DISA

When John Garing arrived at DISA in 1997, the agency was a fairly minor player in IT. More than a decade later, it's seen as an innovative developer of IT applications and services and a thought leader in developing areas such as cloud computing.

Building private and community clouds for DOD

Cloud computing can't be properly implemented on any sort of scale without automation in place, says Ben Newton with BMC Software.

Vulnerabilities lurk in the soft(ware) underbelly of combat networks

The Defense Department can improve combat network security by placing increased emphasis on secure code and application development.

Alfred Rivera

DISA moves data closer to the front lines

Alfred Rivera, director of DISA's computing services, discusses the Rapid Access Computing Environment, cloud computing and data center consolidation -- and how those efforts deliver content to the battlefield. could be replicated for civilian agencies

GSA official outlines plans to engage people and implement effective IT solutions across the government.

DISA to offer storage, Office apps via its private cloud

Two pilot projects will test delivering Microsoft Office and file storage services to military users via DISA's cloud environment.