Army to merge, streamline multibillion-dollar IT contracts

The combined S32G and R2-4G contract vehicles will be valued at $36 billion and will be opened up to competition.

Ramsden Sextant

Method of the ancient mariners can improve targeting systems

Northrop Grumman is incorporating Trex Enterprises’ celestial navigation technology — a highly refined version of the technique used by the earliest sailors — into its laser targeting systems to improve their accuracy.

VSAT satellite terminal

Small satellite terminals could be open to cyberattacks

VSATs, which are widely used in military units and UAVs, are vulnerable if not configured properly, IntelCrawler says.

Air Force smartphone

AFRL’s plan to make smartphones, tablets more secure

The lab announces a four-year program to explore internal CAC authentication, expanded biometrics, near field communications and other innovative steps.

Army tactical WIN T

Army expanding, streamlining tactical network

As communications reach further into the field, the complexity of the network grows. New NetOps tools help simplify operations.

GlobalHawk UAV

Pentagon plan calls for smarter, networked drones across air, sea and land

Despite a budget crunch, DOD wants to add autonomy and layers of integration to a growing unmanned force over the next 25 years.

ARL quantum image

ARL’s ‘ghost imaging’ cuts through battlefield turbulence

The Army Research Lab uses quantum properties of light to get high-resolution results from low-resolution transmissions.

Army G6 CIO Wm Ferrell

Ferrell takes the reins as Army CIO

Former commander of CECOM takes over C4 strategy and LandWarNet 2020 initiative.