Problems ahead for Navy's carrier-based drone program

Disagreement over whether UCLASS's primary role should be surveillance or strike has caused significant delays in the program, according to a GAO report.

Future soldiers could be part of the Internet of Things

The recent Mad Scientist Conference addressed the idea of embedding sensors into humans to help produce "sentient" data.

Antisatellite race heats up with China, Russia

The Air Force is exploring new antisatellite technologies -- but keeping quiet about which ones -- in response to Chinese tests and Russia's hard line.

Army awards $3.9 billion deal for Rifleman radios

Thales and Harris will compete for order of up to 193,276 of the software-defined radios, designed to take tactical communications to dismounted soldiers.

NGA website supports Nepal relief efforts

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency launches a public site to help with damage assessment maps and other data services.

U.S.-Japan pact bolsters ties in cyber, space and ISR

The agreement announced this week calls for greater information sharing and mutual defense.

Navy extends UAV range with first in-flight refueling

The X-47B becomes the first drone to refuel in flight, while the Triton tests out a more powerful new search radar.

Undersea GPS could guide submerged drones in the deep

A DARPA program wants to seed the ocean with the acoustic equivalent of GPS satellites, so underwater vehicles don’t have to surface to get an exact fix.