Next phase of Mobile Hotspot program takes wing

DARPA hires L-3 to develop radio and router pods that can be mounted on a Shadow UAV, creating an airborne hotspot.

Air Force wants to toughen up aerial layer communications

The service is looking to spend nearly $10 million to upgrade current systems to operate in degraded, contested or outnumbered situations.

Air Force gives flight to advanced targeting pod

Sniper ATE-SE now provides additional networking capabilities for ground forces.

Watch: How Marines use small drones for situational awareness

Engineers and Marines demonstrate how they get "over the hill" reconnaissance.

Slicing up the spectrum: DOD’s tough task

The department needs to balance its own needs for more bandwidth while freeing up frequencies for commercial use.

Greg Gardner NetApp

Enabling battlefield big data ‘on the move’

UAVs, sensors and mobile devices are creating a staggering amount of data. Solid-state storage can help manage and analyze it, NetApp’s Greg Gardner says.

Army aims to make mobile tactical network iPhone-easy (almost)

Recent improvements to WIN-T Increment 2 include faster startup, a friendlier interface and improved troubleshooting.

GPS III program faces cuts, more delays in 2015 budget

Long-lasting legacy GPS systems allow leeway for slower development.