Stratcom and NRO continue space intel partnership

The heads of U.S. Strategic Command and the National Reconnaissance Office signed a collaborative agreement to ensure continued strengthening of U.S. space enterprise resilience.

Navy launches 4th satellite in global tactical comms system

MUOS-4 will extend high-bandwidth IP-based communications around the globe.

Army plans to 'revamp' Gray Eagle's data link

The service is looking to expand the drone’s communications capability, with an eye toward manned-unmanned missions.

DARPA awards $7.9 million deal for spectrum sharing work

Leidos will execute Phase 2 of the SSPARC program, which looks to allow radar and communications systems share bandwidth.

Fears rising over traffic jam in space

The commercial satellite industry is increasingly worried about space junk and lack of accurate warnings from DOD satellite trackers.

The Air Force brings the B-52 into the digital age

With Boeing's CONECT communications system, the venerable bomber goes from 'a rotary-dial phone to a smartphone.'

Creative simulations help test new weather radar

The Air Force is testing updates for C-5 Galaxy color weather radars using the salvaged cockpit of a downed C-5 as a simulator.

Special Operations looking for additional UAS, training

The command recently issued a solicitation for at least three small UAS to be accompanied with training personnel in operation.