Navy's maritime strategy puts emphasis on 'all domain access'

The document, updated from 2007, stresses the importance of cyberspace and the electromagnetic spectrum in national security.

DARPA moves ahead on long-range 100 Gbps wireless links

The agency's program is looking to develop links about 500 times faster than the military's current wireless connections.

Air Force continues to track debris from exploded satellite

Weeks after confirming the explosion, the Air Force monitors the resulting space junk in polar orbit.

Army puts tech-centric weapons and surveillance tools to the test

The Training and Doctrine Command tested prototypes of solutions that provide combined surveillance, lethal and targeting assistance to soldiers.

AFRL working on insect-eye view for urban targeting

Lab awards additional funding for research into wide field-of-view image seekers for increased targeting ability in cluttered environments.

Army streamlines updates to its tactical network

Tool suite allow units to make changes on the go, rather than waiting for a 'set in stone' disc.

Navy gives 9 companies spots on $99M strike system contract

The companies will compete for work on Strike Planning and Execution Systems, which supports a number of air, sea and ground missions.

Navy adds $54.5M modification to C4ISR contract

The Space and Navy Warfare Systems Command issued a contract modification to L-3 for continued work until 2016 on C4 systems.