Navy awards $18M modification for Aegis testing

Aegis Combat System can simultaneously attack land targets, submarines and surface ships.

Internet chat rooms used for joint exercise command and control

U.S. and Australian forces used chats alongside traditional technology during Talisman Saber.

Navy awards $243M contract for aircraft engineering services

Six contractors will provide systems engineering services to the Naval Air Warfare Center Aircraft Department.

President Obama cancels U.S. participation in Egypt’s Bright Star Exercise

The biennial training brings thousands of U.S. air and ground forces to Egypt.

Air Force deactivates orbital tracking system, no decision on replacement

Deactivating the 21st Space Wing radar system will save the Air Force $14 million annually, but the proposed replacement costs could reach $2 billion.

Navy awards $60M contract for UCLASS drone assessment

UCLASS system would provide ocean intelligence collection, strike capabilities at sea.

DARPA funds research to boost sensors

Squeezed light can generate more precise measurements when applied to sensor technology.

Streamlined satellite acquisition advances, but challenges remain

While cutting costs through competition, FCSA is threatened by high demand, lagging supply, security shortfalls.