Abandoned by Army, world’s longest aircraft turns up in UK

The hybrid air vehicle could provide up to three weeks of continuous ISR capabilities.

DOD budget reflects impact of cyber, unmanned systems, R&D

The 2015 spending plan cuts back in expected areas, but also shows how the Pentagon's focus is shifting.

Northrop’s Modular Space Vehicle gives Air Force faster satellite capability

The first open systems spacecraft bus will allow for ‘responsive space’ capabilities.

SpaceX gets closer to launching military, spy satellites

The Elon Musk-led company is nearing certification that would put it into competition with Lockheed/Boeing’s ULA.

New Army manual combines cyber, electromagnetic operations

The field manual maps out a plan for unifying cyber operations, electronic warfare and spectrum management.

Army steps up search for anti-drone technology

As UAVs proliferate, the military tries to prepare to defend against those of other forces.

Hyperspectral sensor lets drones see through camouflage, spot explosives

The Air Force plans to flight-test the ACES-HY aboard a Predator UAV.

Army’s move to Samsung reflects a flexible mobile strategy

The service is adding 7,000 Galaxy Note II smartphones to the Nett Warrior system, but they won’t work like typical smartphones.