Putting powerful analytics into a 'Facebook for terrorists'

Modus Operandi’s semantic technology corrals and analyzes intelligence big data and puts it into a familiar interface.

Army looks to harness LTE for battlefield ISR

CERDEC is seeking possible providers of a deployable LTE network that would increase soldiers’ situational awareness.

Air Force restructures to better tie cyber to core missions

New definitions of information dominance and an internal reorganization seek to align cyber capabilities with strategic goals.

Army adds another $150M to ARL support contract

Seven companies will continue to work under the five-year deal, which now has a ceiling of $630 million.

'Concrete step' toward robotic satellite repairs to involve industry

DARPA looks to develop a public/private partnership to develop a craft that could inspect and repair satellites in geostationary Earth orbit.

Army to put high-quality radar into smaller drones

A $99 million contract for small synthetic aperture radars expands the options for radar-equipped UAVs.

NRL pushes research to draw power from the sea

The Naval Research Laboratory has demonstrated several energy concepts that convert seawater and microorganisms into electricity.

Army's air defense simulator gets a big upgrade

The new Improved Moving Target Simulator fixes the glitches of its predecessor while providing more realistic scenarios.