Pentagon's near-zero power plan could change the game for wireless sensors

DARPA's N-ZERO program would make devices that lie dormant but aware until triggered by a specified event.

Blue Origin reports progress on new U.S. rocket engine

The BE-3 engine could serve as a future upper stage, and represents a step toward replacing the Russian-made RD-180, Jeff Bezos says.

Marines, DARPA show what real-time air support looks like

The prototype Persistent Close Air Support System dramatically cuts the time from identifying a target to delivering a strike.

Air Force begins construction of Space Fence tracking system

The system, being built by Lockheed Martin, will greatly increase the amount of orbital debris the service can keep tabs on.

Air Force putting data analytics into a smart targeting platform

A data analytics specialist is working to develop a targeting system to automate what is now a manual process.

Air Force awards $84M deal for electronic warfare simulations

The VIEWS II program will focus on testing the sensors and architectures that fuse data from multiple sources, including the F-22 and F-35.

Northrop splits ISR division to expand space business

The company also is building a $20 million Maryland Space Assembly and Test facility to focus on expanded payload production.

In mapping future tech, DARPA cites drone, ISR success stories

In its biannual report envisioning future military systems, the agency also lauds one-time new technologies for their effectiveness.