Funding bill backs intell community’s IT consolidation

The House Intelligence Committee approves an authorization bill for 2014 that also would dedicate $75 million to battling insider threats.

Workaround boosts Teleport satellite access in Pacific

Army/DOD team gives forces access to a satellite that was previously out of reach, as part of DOD’s Network-Centric Teleport system.

Air Force wants to go lighter on crypto tools in the field

The service is looking for smaller, lighter but still rugged key loading devices, and wants to examine the feasibility of incorporating them into wearable technology.

GAO upholds parts of BAE jammer protest

Navy told to revisit contract award to Raytheon for next-generation Navy jammer.

DOD offers glimpse at its ‘black’ budget

Release of “top line” figure doesn’t harm national security, Pentagon says.

US spectrum warfare strategy stresses flexibility

The emerging spectrum strategy will force the military services to squeeze more capability from less bandwidth.

human geography

GEOINT tradecraft: 'Human geography'

How new tools like Activity Based Intelligence are helping intel analysts map the “human terrain.”

GEOINT symposium postponed until next spring

Geospatial intelligence event falls victim to partial government shutdown.