GlobalHawk UAV

Pentagon plan calls for smarter, networked drones across air, sea and land

Despite a budget crunch, DOD wants to add autonomy and layers of integration to a growing unmanned force over the next 25 years.

ARL quantum image

ARL’s ‘ghost imaging’ cuts through battlefield turbulence

The Army Research Lab uses quantum properties of light to get high-resolution results from low-resolution transmissions.

Army G6 CIO Wm Ferrell

Ferrell takes the reins as Army CIO

Former commander of CECOM takes over C4 strategy and LandWarNet 2020 initiative.

Ellen McCarthy NGA COO

NGA maps the future of geospatial intelligence

Agency COO Ellen McCarthy discusses activity-based intelligence, the ICITE framework, the Map of the World and other aspects of NGA’s five-year plan.

Air Force wants new tech for cross-domain, mobile info sharing

The service’s research lab is soliciting ideas through 2018 on multi-level security information sharing, both within the enterprise and out to mobile and tactical environments.

Air Force lab wants to advance multisource analysis

The lab is looking for automated, real-time analysis of potential threats and activities performed closer to sensors in the field or in the air.

Army intell wants to scan social media from 40 countries

The Intelligence and Security Command is looking for the ability to collect and analyze huge data sets of social media and open-source information in up to 66 languages.

Air Force to cut 900 civilian jobs, leave 7,000 others unfilled

Facing the pressures of a tightened 2014 budget, the service said it will use early retirement and voluntary separations reduce the workforce.